Reviews For A American Logistics Llc

american logistics company reviews

The job I had was very intense a huge work load for one person and they expected you to get everything done each day and there was no way. Also what company doesn’t tell an employee that they are making to many mistakes and just end your contract. That is what upset me to most because I learn from mistakes. I really don’t think it was that I think they just used it as an excuse. Overall it was not a good fit for me and I am glad that I am no longer there. This place does recognize work/life balance for those who earn it.

  • It is a team environment where everyone cares for one another.
  • The most enjoyable part of my day is leaving, if I can get out on time, because with employment at half-staff it doesn’t happen often.
  • They won’t tell you till after you start that you have to work Saturdays.
  • Even then they didn’t really care…
  • Good company discount on pet food.

They took my check and generated another check in the same amount, billing me twice. When I tried to pay by credit card, they said I had to pay by check in order to get the military discount.

What Are Perks And Other Benefits Like At American Logistics Ca?

The people are cool, and some of the callers are really cool. But this place fits the old saying “people don’t leave bad jobs, they leave bad management “. I called and they stopped answering my calls. A lawyer called on my behalf and wrote them a letter of intent. The next step is small claims court. The Better Business Bureau has over 132 complaints that this business has done this in the past. I will sue this company, probably in a year and half when I have time off of work.

american logistics company reviews

These containers are then professionally driven to the new location. Some services may include cleaning the place and have warehousing facilities. A typical day at work includes back to back calls from angry people who will insult you and your family with no consequence. uss express delivery llc career I have learned how to be an emotional punching bag because of this job. We pride ourselves on the quality work we provide, while delivering great customer service! Check out our services offered and call or click to schedule a free estimate today.

American Logistics Ca Awards & Accolades

Feel sad for the guy thathe has to deceive to make a living. A program that benefits the consumer, uss express delivery llc jobs assures them of complete satisfaction and confidence when doing business with a member business.

american logistics company reviews

I enjoy the people that I have met from working there. Wish my manager would respond quickly rather than respond hours after I sent a message. I have worked for the company for a year and half. I truly fill needed and wanted at my job. Management is always there for you and are very flexible with time off and understanding when outside of work things come up. Only thing that I think that might need some work on is communication when polices change with the insurance company we are working for. Not much of a future in this businesses.

Stressful Job Not Worth The Pay

Family owned and operated, size really does matter. You are not just another #, you are part of a team, what you say matters.

Amerifreight Systems, Llc

Find out more about salaries and benefits at American Logistics . Having worked for ALC, the company as a whole uss express review is very dysfunctional. On behalf of Ryder and our mutual customers, we sincerely appreciate the outstanding effort put forth by your company in 2000.

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